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10 Women Bosses In The CSRA!!?

It's Women's History Month, and have you noticed women are dominating across the globe!? But who are the women in the CSRA that are catching our attention? If you are a lover of community, here is list of 10 women that you should know! These women trusted us to help bring their visions to life through powerful and luxurious imagery. Check out some of the baddest bosses below and see how we describe them!

Generous, Loving, Visionary

Carla Hudson | Entrepreneur

Bold, Light-Hearted, Hustler

Amiable, Intellectual, Ambitious

Licensed | Ga & SC

Ambitious, Creative, Welcoming

Cocoa Severado-Bullock | Business Owner, Licensed Estetician

Inspiring, Creative, Adventurous

Affable, Driven, Resourceful


Warm-Hearted, Inspirational, Courageous

Authentic, Supportive, Resilient

Jasmine Savage | Realtor

Serves Ga, Sc, & NC

KW Realty

Gifted, Amicable, Energetic

Vivacious, Supportive, Authentic

Selfless, Ingenious, Benevolent


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